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Ghostevidence - "Enhanced Scary Ghost Footage" Debunked

Post by LDG on Fri Jun 06, 2008 8:20 pm

Recently, this video -
- was brought to my attention. It allegedly captures a shadow of a man
flittering across the wall and then a door seemingly opening and
closing by itself. There are also meant to be sounds of a pig and a
woman crying, but they are not on the cut-down copy I have here - try
the link above for the original presentation.

Unfortunately, the
first and biggest thing that raised alarm bells with me was the name
Lorraine Warren. In the past I wrote a detailed article regarding this
footage - (which can still be read on the BadGhosts website at
) which explained how at least some of the phenomena was clearly fake,
and the rest was questionable at best. Interestingly, although this
other clip stays proud on YouTube, my copy was taken down despite
another clip from the same TV show being allowed to stay. What's the
point in producing 'The most compelling evidence ever recorded' if you
cannot handle simple criticism?

But back to the video. Let's try
and detail what is being reported as "very scary and 100% real". The
back-story tells of a mothers child who would suddenly wake up
screaming in the middle of the night. Since this is so obviously
un-natural behaviour for a baby she deduced that her child was
suffering from nightmares and so set up a camera to record what
happened. How is that going to help though, if your child is having
nightmares? Also, why would you point the camera at the door when it's
the child you're supposed to be videoing? If you're trying to record
sleep patterns, as the video claims is what's happening, then surely
you'd need a detailed shot looking directly at the baby, not have it as
a side-focal point so that it could be 'easily edited out' just in case
something paranormal happened.

Then we see the clip. If you
watch the original clip you can hear that just before, between when the
text disappears and the video starts the thunder sounds behind it go
silent. Obviously these have been dubbed on for dramatic effect
(because doing that just adds to the serious credibility of the video
you're presenting) but it does present the question that if this was
overdubbed onto the video with apparent ease, then what is there to say
that the other sounds heard, such as the pig and the woman crying,
haven't been overdubbed too?

Then the video starts and instantly
the shadow comes into view. Initially I thought it was pretty
impressive, but then I watched the clip over and over again and I saw
it for what it was. This is an overlay where two videos have been
melded into one and you can see this clearly in the video. You'll have
to watch this on full screen or else download this video and play it
through Media Player because it's hard to spot, but once you see it
it's obvious. Initially I was a little confused as to why the shot
suddenly appears a little lighter when the shadow vanishes and thought
that maybe a light was used to drown out the shadow to give that
effect. Then, as I kept replaying the footage of the shadow
disappearing I saw that the picture jumped upwards slightly as he
disappeared - impossible if this was a live, uniterrupted lock-off
feed. It's easiest and at its most visual if you focus on the
doorhandle. As soon as the shadow comes into view and starts to fade
out you can see the doorhandle fade out where it originally is and fade
in slightly above it. This proves that this is two seperate video clips
that have been melded together with a fade effect to give the
appearence of the shadow disappearing like that.

Then we have
the door itself. We see the handle move down and the door open, then
close again with the handle being manually operated to silently close
it fully. Sounds impressive, but you never see what's behind the door.
The possibility that it could just be someone behind pulling down the
handle, opening it slightly and then closing it again is very high, and
since the shadow looks to have been faked then it just throws all
credibility for this right out of the window.

So... "Very scary and 100% real" or computer effects and overdubbed sounds? Personally, I believe the latter.

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