Ghostevidence - 'Ghost / Apparition on Stairs' Debunked!

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Ghostevidence - 'Ghost / Apparition on Stairs' Debunked!

Post by LDG on Fri Jun 06, 2008 8:14 pm

Another day, another video offering an alleged 'paranormal' occurance. This is the video in question...

as is becoming the standard, the clip first shows the video in its
original, unedited form and then shows a replay with pauses and
annotated thoughts and comments from me.

It's my opinion that
this anomaly was called by a small IR light, possibly from a laser
thermometer. The beam is too compact to be from a torch and yet as it
moves down the stairs and hits objects that're closer to the
cameraperson it gets larger, brighter and fuzzier. Also, the light
never travels *behind* anything during its journey. This strongly
suggests that it was caused by a lightsource of some kind - it's
appearence as it moves over the bottom bannister and cloth further
suggests this. The way the light reacts as the camcorder shot suddenly
moves down at the end of the clip suggests that it was something in the
videoers other hand that moved up when they went to adjust something /
replay the clip on the camcorder. Try it yourself. Hold a camcorder in
your right hand by the base and a trigger-thermometer in your left. Now
go and press a button on the back of the camcorder with your left hand.
Don't these actions match the behaviour of the light and camcorder in
this clip?

I don't think this video has malicious intent, more perhaps an honest mistake on the videoers part.

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