Ghost of Point Hicks Lighthouse- Cape Everard

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Ghost of Point Hicks Lighthouse- Cape Everard

Post by Zic on Sat Apr 26, 2008 4:23 am

'Man disappears off rocks at Cape Everard ' was the headline of the Snowy River Mail on the Wednesday the 9th of April 1947. The assistant keeper at the lighthouse now known as Point Hicks , came to an untimely end in mysterious circumstances setting his crayfish pot at the rocks at the base of the lighthouse. A six day search by police failed to find any trace of Robert Grace Christorfen or his craypot.'

After being discharged from the Army in September 1945, Christoferson sought sanctuary and seclusion as an assistant lighthouse-keeper at the [url= Hicks/Point Hicks.htm]Cape Everard [/url](Point Hicks) Lightstation on the Wilderness Coast in Far East Gippsland . After his mysterious disappearance, numerous residents and visitors at the light station attest that the ghost of Christoferson occupies his former cottage: his hobnail boots are heard around the tower at night and his apparition polishes brass doorknobs and moves tools and other objects about the light station

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