The Hungry Ghost - Preston

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The Hungry Ghost - Preston

Post by Zic on Sat Apr 26, 2008 4:17 am

An English Migrant family were reputedly terrorised by two ghosts in a dilapidated house they rented in Oakover Avenue, Preston, two kilometres from All Saints'.
The incidents began in Jaunary 1974 when Elizabeth and John Owen, their son Fred and dog Danny heard footsteps in the house. Then a mysterious voice at the front door called out: 'Are you there Alice? Are you there?' Mrs Owen reached the door in seconds but found no one there. Another day she returned home and was about to put her key into the lock when the door swung gently open.
Eventually two ghosts revealed themselves to the Owens: an invisible male, who could be followed around the house by his disembodied coughing and who touched Mrs Owen on the shoulder, and a female who was visible. Mrs Owen had just baked a potatoe pie one day when she sensed someone looking over her shoulder. Thinking it was either John or Fred she spoke, but got no reply.
She turned and found herself face to face with the ghost of a middle aged woman in a pale dress who was looking longingly at the steaming pie. 'I like that," the spectre said and made to come forward as though wanting to sample the pie. Mrs Owen raised her arms and screamed 'Go Away!' The figure vanished instantly. The Owens moved as soon as they found alternative accomodation.

Taken from The Ghost Guide To Australia - Richard Davis

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