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The Time Portal - Prospect House - Richmond

Post by Zic on Sat Apr 26, 2008 3:59 am

Written by Steven Polanski

I was on holiday in Tasmania with my partner about four years ago and we decided to stay at Prospect House in the town of Richmond for a couple of nights.
It is an old two story house situated on a large property which was and still is owned by the Buscombe family. The house dates back to the days of convicts in Tasmania. Richmond was also the most prolific locations where convicts were held, worked and passed through.You can see photos of the house on the Prospect House website.

After leaving the stables which are the guest bedrooms surrounding the courtyard we entered the main house for our evening meal and were guided into one of the two dining rooms. It was the one on the right hand side upon entering the house through the back door.
My partner entered first and I followed close behind, upon stepping into the door way I felt as if I was stepping through an invisible screen of some strange energy. The best way to describe it in visual terms is it felt exactly like the large round circle that the characters step through on the TV show Stargate. That watery looking round vertical aperture that they step through to travel through time.

Anyway this odd sensation continued as I entered the room and remnained with me for the entire time I was in there. I will describe what I felt.

I felt as if I was walking about 30 cm of the ground, I could not feel my feet touching the ground as I walked. I did however look down and did see my feet touching the ground without sensation. I felt a warm prickly sensation around my body and also an internal sensation of euphoria with a little anxiety attached but it felt comfortable also and did not bother me. I was also drawn into a meditative like state when I entered the room( I know this feeling as I meditated for years). I immediately opened my hands out infront of me and had them facing palms up, I did not know why this happened but I deducted that I was trying to feel something or accept something that might be given to me. I also had an internal feeling of intense emotional warmth and possibly love but I still can't be sure on the love aspect.
I sat down with my partner and just stayed with what was happening to me and did not want it to end. I was also very aware of what was going on around me but was quite comfortable not to speak at all.

I told my partner what was going on as soon as I walked into the room but after not speaking for a while it was freaking her out because she was believing it more and more as I was just sitting there and staring into nothingness. Every so often I looked around the room to see if I could see anything but there was nothing out of the ordinary at all.

After a long while which turned out to be about half an hour I became a little nervous and decided to go and see the lady of the house to tell her what was happening to me. She told me that there were many strange experiences that happened in the house which allot of guests noticed while they were staying there.Ghosts and stuff.

So I ended up returning to the dining room and after walking through the same energy field in the door way I decided to ride this experience through to the end.

It lasted a further ten or fifteen minutes. At this time the lady of the house came in to take our order for dinner and I decided to give her my attention and place my order upon which all the sensations disappeared for good.

Only recently did I find out that a Catholic Priest came from Sydney to perform an exorcism on the house about six or so years prior to this experience that I had.

I had visited the house again only recently just for dinner and had a good walk through the entire house just to see if anything unusual would happen but to no avail.

Guests often report seeing a ghost of a woman which it is said might be Mrs Buscombe

My conclusion is but I am still not sure that it was a human presence that I had experienced in the house. Ever since then I am no longer a sceptic and do strongly believe that life goes on after physical death and I am also no longer afraid of dieing either.
This has been the most profound experience of my life so far which I will never forget.

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