Estes Park, Colo - The Stanley Hotel

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Estes Park, Colo - The Stanley Hotel

Post by LDG on Wed Apr 16, 2008 12:28 am

On 29/01/08 Rob Lefebvre of The Anchor wrote:The Stanley Hotel, located in Estes Park, Colo., has nearly a century of history. The hotel was also the inspiration for the Overlook Hotel, the setting for Stephen King's masterpiece The Shining. It has also hosted some famous names such as Stephen King, Theodore Roosevelt, and even the Emperor and Empress of Japan. But the Stanley may be hosting more than just guests. It has been the site of numerous reports of supposed hauntings.

The Stanley was built in 1909 by Freelan O. Stanley, inventor of the
Stanley Steamer automobile, after coming to Estes Park when he came
down with tuberculosis. When he found that the town was economically
poor, and with the amazing view of the Rockies, he decided to have the
hotel built using his connections he had made from the success of the
Steamer. He also had a new road built into the town. To help christen
it, he had the first visitors come in on steamers. In 1940, the year he
died, he finished having a sewer, water, and power company developed
for the town. Since then, the hotel had become a major success.

The hotel still stands and is still in operation today.

Many reports have come from the guests of the hotel that they had seen
strange images and had unexplainable things happen to them. Some
believe that F. O. Stanley haunts the hotel himself. He has been seen
most often in the lobby and the Billiards room, which was his favorite
room when he was alive. He has also been seen in the bar but quickly
disappears before anyone can get a better look.

It is also believed that F.O.'s wife Flora haunts the hotel as well. When she was
in the hotel, she used to entertain the guests by playing piano in the music room. Though there have been no actual sightings of her, the keys of the piano have been seen by several guests to be moving by themselves.

Guests have also reported hearing children playing in the hallway when no children were present, one couple even checking out because of the noise. Various employees have reported hearing voices when no one was around and seeing impressions in beds in rooms where no guests have stayed in for awhile. One guest claimed to have recorded a faded image of a man in a cowboy hat in his room, standing in front of the window. It lasted for a few minutes and then faded away. Another incident occurred where a guest attending her sister's
wedding wrote "REDRUM" on a mirror with lipstick in her sister and her
groom-to-be's room a joke. Later, as she was walking down the grand
staircase to the lobby, she felt someone shove her and she fell down
the stairs. After being helped up, she looked to see who shoved her,
but no one was around to have done so.

Many strange events seem to take place in the Stanley Hotel for sure.
Some are certainly less explainable than others. Why people believe
they see the Stanleys has no reasonable explanation. Noises that guests
and employees hear could be the creaking of heaters that they think
might be ghosts, or the shifting of the pine wood that some of the
hotel is made from. Voices that they hear could be echoing through the
floors and walls from other rooms. That could account for the children
that are heard as well. Or they could actually be children that hide
when someone tells them to stop or keep it down. The guest who recorded
the ghost wearing the cowboy hat would be more reliable if he showed
this recording rather than say he did. And the girl who claimed to be
shoved could very well have lied. After all, she was in the process of
pulling a prank when it happened.

The Stanley Hotel has managed to stand as the very essence of the haunted
hotel story, even before Stephen King used it for inspiration. It has
also been visited by the T.A.P.S team, aka the Ghost Hunters on the
SciFi channel. But does the Stanley still have guests that have not
checked out?

Haunted America - The Stanley Hotel

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