Paranormal Investigation at the Ram Inn

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Paranormal Investigation at the Ram Inn

Post by LDG on Sun Apr 13, 2008 6:10 pm

On 01/04/08 BBC Gloucestershire wrote:
This article is user-generated content (i.e. external contribution) expressing a personal opinion, not the views of BBC Gloucestershire.

By Kieron Butler, The UK Paranormal Study
A team of investigators from The UK Paranormal Study headed for The Ancient Ram Inn in Gloucestershire...

December’s investigation has to be the best yet!

"I felt overcome by a feeling I cannot explain"
Kieron Butler

We split into three groups. 1st vigil had a group on the first floor landing area bothered by a spirit called Michael. Our medium communicated with him but surprisingly Ms D could see him standing in the doorway. He disappeared then hit our medium's crystal ball off its plinth onto the floor.

2nd vigil had Mr Al being used in a trance by a boy trying to flee his nasty father who we later learned was the known spirit Michael. Mr Al knew he was sensitive but being thrust straight into mediumship was a shock to us all.

3rd vigil found Mr D, Mr Ad, Mr Al and I – Kieron in the attic. It was quiet but I knew something was near. We agreed to try an Ouija Board (with owner’s permission) we gathered all available protection within ourselves and asked our guides to protect us then opened the session.
The Ram Inn

Carrying out research at The Ram Inn

I must stress that this was not and should never be taken lightly! This can be dangerous and should only used with experienced participants.

We immediately gained contact with a spirit feeding us false information and warnings of death etc etc. I seemed to just know it was Edward the main dominant spirit there and accused him of wasting our time, we know who he is and to step aside to let other spirits get through. What happened next should be a warning to anyone using the Ouija board!

We asked for a sign outside the board and we heard a deep kind of groan or yell. I felt his presence rush across the attic towards us as did Mr Al and the others felt a freezing blast of air hit us with force.

I felt him at first right behind me, we continued then I felt him stand in the spot I was sitting, I felt overcome by a feeling I cannot explain but I think he was trying to get into me as if I could be used as a channel.
The Ram Inn

Investigators say this could be an orb.

This was getting unbearable and I then felt a terrible stabbing pain in my back, moments later the board spelt out stab & die! I felt my pain lift slightly, within two seconds Mr Al was knocked over breaking a chair as he went and was unconscious then I felt all the pain and feelings return before I passed out.

I remember being brought round and was weak and wobbly. We closed the Ouija session and thanked our guides for the protection under these rather difficult conditions. I was helped downstairs but was aware of him watching me and laughing. I think this horrible event has taken me to the next stage in my development towards mediumship.

For the rest of the investigation I could tell when either Michael or Edward was near. Mr Al was used a number of times by James and we tried to get him over to the other side, however his Father Michael wouldn’t let him. He actually snatched James out of Mr Al leaving him in pain as he felt he had been kicked in the ribs a number of times.

We had other incidents with the Ouija board and also recorded strange noises plus a few pics to accompany this article. We have still not analyzed all our footage yet but so far, it was a very eventful investigation.

We hope to return in January or February for some more scares!

  • Kieron Butler
  • Paranormal Investigator
  • Team Photographer
  • Team sensitive – trainee medium
    UK Paranormal Study

Team members: Mr D Investigator/Photographer/Historian/Team Founder, Kieron Butler Investigator/Photographer/Sensitive, Dr C Investigator/Photographer/Sensitive, Mr W Investigator/Medium, Ms D Investigator/Sensitive, Mr Al Investigator/Sensitive, Mr Ad Investigator, Mr & Mrs L New Members, Mr C Guest Member.

Paranormal Investigation at the Ram Inn

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