Pennsylvania - Police Station haunting

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Pennsylvania - Police Station haunting

Post by LDG on Tue Apr 08, 2008 12:44 am

On 4/03/08 11:34 am wrote:
Officers Say Police Station is Haunted

Ghosts are taking over a police station in Pennsylvania. At least that's what the officers who work there will tell you. Now the police department has hired paranormal investigators to look into the hauntings.

"The door slamming is something everyone at this station has heard." slamming doors and creaky floors are one thing but what police officers, staff, even the Mayor of Homestead say they've personally witnessed in the building that cannot be explained away.

We'll start with the phantom typist "there were 20 of us in meeting and the typewriter against the wall started to type by itself."

When we turned it on - the backspace key seemed to be stuck? or was it? Others can't explain the attic door that no matter how many times it's bolted springs open.

or the bursts of bone chilling air that blows through enclosed hallways and around old cellblocks. "there are always noises in this room." "he shined his flashlight then that's when he saw the shadow."

I have to admit it i was skeptical all the up to the door slamming. Something my photographer denied. "did you do it? I didn't do it. Yes you did! The mysterious happenings aren't all inside the building.

The mayor showed a broken down sidewalk sweeper that somehow started up last November without a key and without a battery. "Occasionally we'll be here typing up reports hear the back door footsteps look out there's nobody there. do you buy this, do you believe there a class five full roaming vapor? That's the first I've heard that term but it's possible something's here."

Paranormal investigators say they did find something in the boiler room, but that the staff will have to wait until their investigation is complete to find out what they believe that something is. station haunting

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